Free Font – Captain Boots

Captain Boots Free Font

I recently had the opportunity to create an uppercase font for a project I was working on.

Captain Boots Main Glyphs

I needed a font that was strong yet rounded that encapsulated the trends of 2022.

For me, the process of creating a typeface is always an adventure through uncharted territory. I start with ideas or references and then the real design phase begins when I start connecting these dots into a meaningful path that can later be filled with letters, numbers and symbols from a-z.

This is a free downloadable font resource for you to use or try out as well!

When you need to find the right font for your design, think about the purpose of the content and how your audience will read it. Will they be reading from a small screen? Do you want their eyes to rest on your text or do you want them to move quickly through it? As a general rule, the fewer characters you have in any given line of text, the easier it is to read. You can use type to create a mood or message. Type conveys a feeling just like images do. Different typefaces can have different associations with them.

Captain Boots was specifically designed to be used as a heading and with that in mind the size mattered greatly.

If you would like to download Captain Boots True Type font, just click the link below, personal or commercial use is fine and donations are welcome, but not required if you just want to use it without having to pay money for it. Just leave a review if you use it or like it.

Also the fonts named after my cat if your wondering.

Captain Boots Full Glyphs
Captain Boots font design
Captain Boots font design